Do Netsurf's errors get logged? (Syslog, Wimplog)

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Sat Aug 29 18:30:59 BST 2015

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> Would you elaborate please, as I don't fully understand. (The bit
> about 'kill' facility that is).

I haven't sorted the best UI yet, which is why it is not in the
release version. Basically, as part of a job you could list tasks
that should be killed if running (and restarted again at the end of
the job). For example, if you have a job to backup your Pluto
directory and data files, you could include Pluto in a kill file for
that job. When it came to this job, SyncDiscs would check whether
Pluto was running, and if so, issue a task close message before
starting the backup. There would then be no chance of the data files
changing part way through the backup, and hence the backup of Pluto
ending up in an inconsistent state. This could be extended to restart
Pluto once the job has completed.

However, I am not sure whether such a facility would be of general

	Chris Johnson

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