Something went wrong between 2873 and 2874

David Pitt pittdj at
Wed Aug 12 11:25:41 BST 2015

In message <54f1ea25fbbbailey at>
  Brian <bbailey at> wrote:

> In article <80739ff154.DaveMeUK at>,
>    Dave Higton <dave at> wrote:
>> causes NS to silently
>> evaporate from CI 2874 onwards - up to 2873 is OK.

> Evaporates with #2890, too.

>> I have reported it.

>> 2874 onwards also fails to view the report in Mantis - which gives
>> another URL to try.

>> Dave

It's a JavaScript thing. This is with #2891.

Recent NetSurfs start up with JavaScript enabled no matter what had 
been saved to Choices previously. As such the site crashes. Disable 
JavaScript and the site renders.

Bug tracker updated.

David Pitt
Raspberry Pi

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