Why is NetSurf so fussy? -- OT StrongEd branch

Jim Nagel netsurf at abbeypress.co.uk
Mon Sep 22 10:45:38 BST 2014

Richard Porter  wrote on 22 Sep:
> I just can't get on with StrongEd. I type Ctrl-C and it duplicates the
> block in situ or tells me no block is selected, then when I try to
> paste it into NS I get some text I had saved some time before from
> another document. Then I try Shift-Ctrl-C and -V, and I get the
> selected URL twice! Well at least it did paste the URL but it's not
> surprising that I gave up on StrongEd.

I felt like you till I discovered how to change the "Mode" file within 
StrongEd so that Ctrl-XCV work in the "standard" way that I'm used to 
in other apps.  (Can send you my amended file if you email me.)

Then I added StrongEd to the apps that load automatically every time I 
boot the machine, in order to force myself to tackle the learning 
curve, and I'm glad I did.  The ascent turned out to be not that bad.  
A few puzzles remain, such as a StrongEd keystroke to match Edit's 
handy Ctrl-F6 to un-split lines.

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