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Sun Sep 14 00:08:54 BST 2014

Jim writ in Netsurf list (thread "password manager")
>>> What would people recommend to do the same job in Ro?

Chris Newman  wrote on 13 Sep:
>> CrypStore  by Frank de Bruijn
>> I use it all the time. A great application.

> Er! Jim, I wrote an article about this in a certain learned, but obviously
> obscure magazine. See Archive 23 no 3 page 23. (Physician, heal thy self!!!).

I did remember that; I was just innocently provoking a reminder for
Netsurf folk (who may not be Archive members) that !Crypstor exists.
The author (Frank de Bruijn) isn't promoting it, leaving it just to
word-of-mouth, as he says on his web page.

Here's a PDF of Chris Newman's review of !Crypstor: (118K)
See also this note about possible problems with fonts in PDFs:

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