Persistant disc cache

Tony Moore old_coaster at
Fri Jun 6 00:32:59 BST 2014

On 5 Jun 2014, Rob Kendrick <rjek at> wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 05, 2014 at 10:32:26PM +0000, Tony Moore wrote:

> > Previous versions of NetSurf create a directory www.NetSurf.Cache in
> > Scrap. NetSurf #1956 creates www.NetSurf.Misc , but not Cache. I
> > assumed that 'Misc' had replaced 'Cache'. If not, what is 'Misc'?
> NetSurf for RISC OS long long ago had a hack of a cache for images only.
> This was removed many years ago.

NS #1819 creates www.NetSurf.Cache when it is started.

> I guess the Misc folder is for miscellany, but searching for "Misc" in
> the entire source code reveals nothing relevant at all.  I have no
> idea what it's for.

NS #1888 (and higher) creates www.NetSurf.Misc when it is started.

> > > as I said in the previous mail we are using !Cache (shipped in the
> > > !Boot of the CI builds ready for merge) to store this persistent
> > > data.
> >
> > So the data should be stored in Resources.!Cache.Caches ?
> You can put it wherever you like, just as long as it is "seen" by the
> Filer before NetSurf is launched.

Having moved Cache out of Resources, and set it to be 'seen' before
NetSurf, !Cache.Caches.Single.NetSurf has now been created, and data is
being written to it.

I think that previously, when Cache was in the default Resources, it was
being 'seen' after NetSurf, which was in 'Look at'. They are now both in
'Look at', Cache well before NetSurf.

Thanks for your help.


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