Google hanging

Richard Porter ricp at
Mon Jun 2 10:17:22 BST 2014

On 2 Jun 2014 Harriet Bazley  wrote:

> Of recent weeks I've increasingly found that Google searches are not
> rendering in Netsurf, especially when you try to view a second or
> subsequent page of search results: the window just hangs there with the
> progress indicator moving instead of the usual almost instant return.
> Clicking on the same link again to force another fetch seems to be the
> only way to get the results.

> Is anyone else seeing this, or is it my ISP?

I normally use Yahoo! because I don't like the way Google redirects 
every link through itself. Yahoo! does for some but I can either type 
in the visible URL or extract it if necessary.

With Google alerts it's easy to select and launch the embedded link in 
Messenger Pro so I don't have to go through Google. However I haven't 
noticed any particular problems with it.

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