Selecting text gone crazy

John Rickman Iyonix rickman at
Tue Jul 22 23:04:49 BST 2014

Dave Higton  wrote

> Fred Bambrough <netsurf at> wrote:

>>     John Rickman Iyonix <rickman at> wrote:
>>> #2023 when I try to select some text as soon as I click on the page
>>> everything from the click to the end of the article is highlit.
>>> This has been happening since at least #1980
>>> Is anyone else seeing this?
>>> (Iyonix RISC OS 5.21 9 July)
>>Same here. BB -xM RISC OS 5.21 21 July NS 1024

> I've had this sometimes, but I can't guarantee to be able to reproduce
> the symptoms.  I agree that it started to happen a few weeks ago.

In this link -

clicking on the bold "RISC OS" at the start of the article reproduces 
the symptoms. Ie everything is selected with one click.
If you click in the body of the text there is no problem. It seems to 
be headings that go wrong. Eg the word "History", "Supported hardware" 
"RISC OS Compatible", etc after the contents list.


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