2004: curious behaviour

Peter Young pnyoung at ormail.co.uk
Mon Jul 7 22:03:48 BST 2014

On 7 Jul 2014  Brian Jordan <brian.jordan9 at btinternet.com> wrote:

> In article <dd51262354.DaveMeUK at my.inbox.com>,
>    Dave Higton <dave at davehigton.me.uk> wrote:
>> I noticed, with NS 2004, on the ROOL fora pages, that when I click on
>> a link with a hash and then try to scroll up, NS rapidly oscillates
>> between redrawing the window at the original location and my chosen
>> scrolled-to location.  2000 is OK, 2004 not.

>> Can someone else please confirm this before I raise a bug report?

> Possibly related... I can't put the cursor into the search box in
> www.google.co.uk in 2004 whereas it's OK in 2000.

Yes, I noticed that too. However, if you click in the search box, the 
cursor appears for a split second, and then you can type into the box.

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