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Graham Pickles graham at
Wed Apr 30 17:23:30 BST 2014

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          Tony Moore <old_coaster at> wrote:

>On 30 Apr 2014, Graham Pickles <graham at> wrote:
>> Recently I have had  problem on my laptop using Google to search for
>> items. The problem appears to be intermittent. I enter the search
>> criteria into Google and Netsurf indicates 'Fetching, Fetching,
>> Processing' but goes no further (i.e. message remains and list of
>> sites does not appear).
>I've never seen that with Google search, but it can happen with other
>sites, if JavaScript is enabled, causing NetSurf to bite off more than
>it can chew.
>Try Choices... > Content > tick 'Disable JavaScript'
Thanks. That does seem to have made a difference during a limited trial.
I will continue to try this over the next few days and hopefully the
the problem is solved.


Graham Pickles

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