Strange rendering of ROOL forum page in 1791

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Wed Apr 9 23:19:20 BST 2014

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>>> Anyone else seen this?
>>Yes, Dave. Have just repeated that after downloading latest version.
>>Netsurf #1791, Iyonix 5.21 (30 Mar 2014).
>Damn, curses, and swear words.
>I reported it on Mantis, but Mantis decided I had put in an invalid
>entry in the CI field and invited me to use the browser's back
>button to go back and fill the correct version in.  Of course, when
>I went back, ALL fields were empty.
>And, since I don't know exactly what format Mantis requires, and if
>I get it wrong again all will be lost again, I'm not going to bother
>reporting it.
>Mantis and Netsurf don't seem to work well together.
>How about this for a suggestion: an example of the correct format
>for CI numbers adjacent to the CI box, and a warning that all your
>input will be dumped if you don't do it exactly like the example.

One way to avoid that is to right hand click on the submit button which
opens a new window, then if you need a back click, just close the new
open window and correct the original.

Kev Wells
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