Version 1773

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Tue Apr 1 12:14:54 BST 2014

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   cj <chris at> wrote:
> I may know something later on today.

OK. I now have the Iyonix running a relatively clean boot from 30th
Mar, and RISC OS v. 5.21 30th Mar. Netsurf #1772 is now running fine
(that's the latest I have on the Iyo at the moment). Will download
and upgrade to #1774 (or later if available), and check that is ok as
well. A lot more stuff still to get back in to !Boot, so keeping
fingers crossed.

Whether I will ever find out what in !Boot was causing the problem I

Anyway, thanks for the help, chaps, especially Ron for showing I
wasn't totally mad!

	Chris Johnson

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