Possible AcornURI load bug

Malcolm Amir Hussain-Gambles malcolm at paymentlabs.com
Mon Oct 14 18:42:54 BST 2013

I've developed !NewsUK that loads the BBC rss feed.
When you click on a news item it opens a URL using AcornURI.

However I noticed that it randomly works and more often than not it 
just opened a browser.
After digging into this I found there were two mechanisms I was using, 
one if Netsurf wasn't running, and another if it was.

When Netsurf runs it does an rmload on AcornURI, this is strangely 
enough wrong from what I have found.

According to the documentation AcornURI has to be run using Filer_Run, 
otherwise it doesn't start all of the components necessary (some wimp 
task apparently), and URI_Dispatch doesn't work.

The !Run file in netsurf should use Filer_Run rather than RMLOAD.
I modified my !Run to do the following, which means it always "works 
for me" TM

RMENSURE AcornURI 0.12 IfThere System:Modules.Network.URI Then 
Filer_Run System:Modules.Network.URI

Not sure if I've got that correct or not, it does seem bizarre to not 
rmload a module though!



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