Atari Treeviews

m0n0 ole at
Wed Oct 9 22:39:21 BST 2013

Am Mi, 9.10.2013, 21:19 schrieb Jean-François Lemaire:

> Seems good so far and looking better overall. Good work! I wonder though
> why I
> have black or white background to what should be images with transparent
> backgrounds (e.g. Is this an issue specific to the Atari
> build?

Yes, I'm sorry. This was fixed with a recent commit. The configuration
dialog was buggy.
Once you saved the choices, it saved the transparency setting, but handled it
as bool, instead of int. So when you look into your Choices file, you
will see an very large value for atari_transparency. Set it back to 1, and
everything should be fine again.

(The bug should be fixed, so clicking save inside the configuration dialog
shouldn't write wrong value anymore.)


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