Feature req: completely turn off saved web page app iconsprites/replace with generic?

Tim Hill tim at timil.com
Tue Dec 31 11:30:30 GMT 2013

In article <bf3768c253.zen44412 at zen.co.uk>, Simon Smith
<simon_smith at zen.co.uk> wrote:
> When you save a local copy of a web page with NetSurf you get an icon
> file  which is a tiny thumbnail view of the entire web page. I don't
> like these very much - I find them untidy. Given that you can control
> whether or not iconised windows use thumbnail images, it's a bit odd
> that one has no control at all over the 'saved page icons'.

It isn't odd at all. Different things are done differently by different
things. I am sure the NS devs thought that an iconised page was ideal. I
tend to agree. It harmonises with the current history display by having
the 'same' thumbnails.

> I'd prefer
> a generic 'saved web page' app icon, or nothing at all, giving the RISC
> OS default icon. If a web page provided an .ico file, I guess many
> people might prefer to use that.

Unless you were saving lots of pages from one site and different
miniature versions of the page may be better than them all having the
same icon.

> Is it possible to turn off the 'IconSprites' line in the mini !Run
> files NetSurf provides you, which currently reads

> "IconSprites <Obey$Dir>.!Sprites Filer_Run <Obey$Dir>.index"

Apart from deleting the iconsprites line or by putting a pipe "|" in
front of the command? Though you may find that an application directory
will always load a !Sprites file if it can so deleting that prevents it.

> Providing better control over this does seem like a legit use for a
> configuration option. I'm a bit surprised that !Run file (and/or an
> option Boot file) aren't available as editable resources.

> At present I'm deleting the unwanted Sprites files and tweaking the
> !Run files by hand, which is a chore.

It may be a chore but I'm guessing many will read that and ask "why

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