Feature req: completely turn off saved web page app iconsprites/replace with generic?

Simon Smith simon_smith at zen.co.uk
Tue Dec 31 00:35:54 GMT 2013

When you save a local copy of a web page with NetSurf you get an icon file
which is a tiny thumbnail view of the entire web page. I don't like these
very much - I find them untidy. Given that you can control whether or not
iconised windows use thumbnail images, it's a bit odd that one has no
control at all over the 'saved page icons'. I'd prefer a generic 'saved web
page' app icon, or nothing at all, giving the RISC OS default icon. If a web
page provided an .ico file, I guess many people might prefer to use

Is it possible to turn off the 'IconSprites' line in the mini !Run files
NetSurf provides you, which currently reads

"IconSprites <Obey$Dir>.!Sprites
Filer_Run <Obey$Dir>.index"

Providing better control over this does seem like a legit use for a
configuration option. I'm a bit surprised that !Run file (and/or an
option Boot file) aren't available as editable resources.

At present I'm deleting the unwanted Sprites files and tweaking the !Run
files by hand, which is a chore.


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