broken links in "RiscOS info" page / Mimemap

Jim Nagel netsurf at
Sun Dec 29 16:20:57 GMT 2013

Peter Young  wrote on 29 Dec:

> On 29 Dec 2013  Jim Nagel <netsurf at> wrote:

>> Two links in are
>> broken:

>>  - The one for "Acorn URI" points to -- that
>> domain is no longer active.

>>  - The one for "Mimemap datafile" tries to fetch
>>[object%20Location] -- dunno
>> where the strange bit in square brackets comes from or what it means,
>> but the attempt to load goes on forever and produces nothing.

>> There may be others.

>> Same behaviour from both Netsurf r1391 and the latest r1552.

> FWIW Windows Firefox gives the same "Can't find" error for the first
> URL, but the second one loads, via MPro and UniLaunch, the bit before
> the square brackets, from which the MimeMap file can be found.

> So it looks as if NetSurf might be able to solve the second one, if
> someone would like to report the bug, for such it would seem to be.

I tried deleting the squarebracked bit, but it immediately reappeared.  
What does it mean anyway?

And, is this Mimemap file up to date anyway?  Could well be that the 
one I have (from timil, Tim Hill) is more comprehensive.

Jim Nagel              

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