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Sun Aug 11 14:10:34 BST 2013

The following bytes were arranged on 11 Aug 2013 by Richard Porter :

> On 10 Aug 2013 Harriet Bazley  wrote:
> > Currently it seems all too easy to jog the mouse and accidentally select
> > a block above the cursor, which results in everything you have just
> > written being wiped out unintentionally as you continue to type - I'm
> > not clear if this is a bug or a side-effect of my mousing/typing style,
> > but it happens quite often.   It used to cause a crash and the loss of
> > all data, but now only causes the loss of a section of the text.   :-)
> F8 undoes the last action, but I guess there's a limit to the number
> of times you can go back.

Er, F8 has always meant 'View source' in all versions of NetSurf I can

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