Cut to clipboard

John Harrison john at
Sun Aug 11 13:27:08 BST 2013

> I used to do a lot of work in Impression and accidentally catching CTRL-A
> when intending SHIFT-A and seeing all my work disappear as I typed the
> next letter, with no "undo".

> Not really a desirable behaviour.

But the answer to having no undo against accidental deletion is to add
undo, or have a warning on big deletions (like Pluto does when you delete
more than 3 messages at once), not to mix up deletion with the clipboard
mechanism.  After all if you do cut in one place and are about to do paste
in another when you wipe out the clipboard contents by putting deleted
material in there, then you have still got a problem.

The only possible exception I could think of is if there is a multi-level
clipboard, so you can add the new stuff and still preserve what was there
before.  But we don't have that on RISC OS AFIA.

John Harrison

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