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> > ... it *is* possible already to select a section, cut it to the
> > clipboard, and paste it elsewhere.  It would be nice (and safer) if
> > overtyping had the same effect.   The main argument I can see against it
> > is that people might conceivably want to copy text to the clipboard,
> > delete a block of text by overtyping with a backspace, and then paste
> > the former clipboard contents;
> I would strongly support the argument against it.
> In many applications (and most of the ones I use) deletion, whether by
> over typing or using the Delete key, is separate from the clipboard.

"If the user types when there is a selection, the selected text is deleted"
says the RISC OS Style Guide, so the current behaviour seems to be correct.
Obviously the other platforms that NetSurf runs on might have other views.

Steve Fryatt - Leeds, England

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