Cut to clipboard

Tim Hill tim at
Sun Aug 11 11:54:03 BST 2013

In article <5379794045john at>, John Harrison
<john at> wrote:
> In article <20ed3b7953.harriet at>, Harriet Bazley
>    <lists at> wrote:

> > ... it *is* possible already to select a section, cut it to the
> > clipboard, and paste it elsewhere.  It would be nice (and safer) if
> > overtyping had the same effect.   The main argument I can see against
> > it is that people might conceivably want to copy text to the
> > clipboard, delete a block of text by overtyping with a backspace, and
> > then paste the former clipboard contents;  

> I would strongly support the argument against it.  

Then perhaps it should be configurable, where it exists.


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