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Harriet Bazley lists at
Sat Aug 10 23:29:20 BST 2013

Now that it is possible to select and delete areas in textboxes without
crashing NetSurf, would it be possible to have areas deleted by
overtyping automatically cut to the clipboard, a la Impression?  Or at
least have a "do you really want to do this?" warning, a la
Impression II?

Currently it seems all too easy to jog the mouse and accidentally select
a block above the cursor, which results in everything you have just
written being wiped out unintentionally as you continue to type - I'm
not clear if this is a bug or a side-effect of my mousing/typing style,
but it happens quite often.   It used to cause a crash and the loss of
all data, but now only causes the loss of a section of the text.   :-)

But this could be easily reversed if the lost text defaulted to a Ctrl-X
action:  it *is* possible already to select a section, cut it to the
clipboard, and paste it elsewhere.  It would be nice (and safer) if
overtyping had the same effect.   The main argument I can see against it
is that people might conceivably want to copy text to the clipboard,
delete a block of text by overtyping with a backspace, and then paste
the former clipboard contents;  I'm so used to working with Impression
that I expect deleted text to get clipped.

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