[Bulk] Squashed image problem

Richard Porter ricp at minijem.plus.com
Sun Apr 21 10:06:49 BST 2013

On 21 Apr 2013 Brian Jordan  wrote:

> In article <b30c843f53.ricp at user.minijem.plus.com>,
>    Richard Porter <ricp at minijem.plus.com> wrote:

> [Snip]

>> The problem is that as soon as these images hove into view the page
>> becomes incredibly slow and clunky to move around. I would hazard a
>> guess that NS is continually struggling to resize the images as it
>> tries to move them around.
> Almost certainly you hazard correctly. I have just done a Full save of
> the page and resized the offending images. On reloading, the page moves
> around and scrolls very smoothly.

>> Would it be possible to resize the images once when they are downloaded
>> and then hold them at the required display size?
> Apart from using Full save I can't think of another way and that's
> probably not what you want.

I don't think there's anything I can do other than that. I was 
wondering whether there's a design reason why NS doesn't keep a copy 
of the resized image in its cache, which would save a lot of 
processing time in such circumstances.

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