NetSurf on Virtual Acorn

Michael Drake tlsa at
Tue Apr 16 11:32:46 BST 2013

In article <op.wrhukyovif396l at alansall>,
   Alan & Sally <jared.r at> wrote:

> NetSurf 2.9 runs nicely on this set up but I have had no luck with any
> of the later development versions. I have just downloaded 3.0 Dev #833
> with the same result.

It seems that since NetSurf 2.9 DNS doesn't work when running on
VirtualRPC.  It works on real hardware and, I believe, on RPCEmu (can
anyone confirm?).

None of the NetSurf developers have VirtualRPC so we aren't in a position
to investigate this.  Perhaps you could contact the VirtualRPC developers,
if it's still being maintained?



Michael Drake (tlsa)        

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