Text area refresh

J. F. Lemaire jflemaire at skynet.be
Thu Apr 4 20:37:10 BST 2013

On 26/03/2013, Michael Drake <tlsa at netsurf-browser.org> wrote:
> In article <4136879.Nb86WAdMgm at chertsey>,
>    Jean-François Lemaire <jflemaire at skynet.be> wrote:

>> I tried the Atari build and indeed it is much better now. It would be
>> fantastic if multi-line textareas could be improved in the same way.

> Please try CI build #1009 or later.  When editing multi-line textareas,
> the redraw area has been reduced significantly in some common cases.

Yes, it's becoming quite useful. I'm typing this in Gmail and I don't
notice any flickering when typing or deleting characters in most
cases. Many thanks!

Jean-François Lemaire

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