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>> > Hi,
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>> > We have done quite a bit of development since we last issued test builds
>> > and we have also changed our autobuilding infrastructure completely. With
>> > these changes we are now building NetSurf builds with far more up-to-date
>> > versions of 3rd party libraries, and it is now quite trivial to keep them
>> > up-to-date.
>> > 
>> > It would help us if people could test the new builds and let us know how
>> > you get on.
>> > 
>> > 
>> > 
>> >              We have at least one case of NetSurf freezing a
>> >              RISC OS Iyonix such that it needs to be reset.
>> Sadly, I've also seen it once with the earliest new build that I can see,
>> 2012-09-11_14-52-47, as well as 3 times with 2012-09-28_19-54-37. At least
>> it hasn't eaten the hard drive :-)
>> There doesn't seem to be any special thing that causes it to stiff the
>> Iyonix.
>In response to another question: no fetching of news or mail was going
>on at the time.  The only network activity unrelated to Netsurf would
>probably be ShareFS's normal broadcasting.  NewsHound and AntiSpam were
>on the icon bar but merely quiescent.

Checked a few minutes ago with 2012-09-30_10-23-17 and again got a
freeze.  This time the only app also on the icon bar was Zap.  The
freeze occurred a few seconds after rendering a page from the BBC
News web site.

Iyonix, 5.18, 512 MiB.


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