User feedback requested (esp. RISC OS)

Gavin Wraith gavin at
Sun Sep 30 13:18:38 BST 2012

front end:     RISC OS
OS version:    5.18  
problem:   freeze while scrolling through
download file: netsurf-2012-09-28_19-54-37/zip

Note that POPstar was not running - so no clash with other
fetchers. So far freezes seem to happen after just
the slightest scrolling down the page; sometimes after
quite lengthy and varied browsing, sometimes, as in this
case, on the first page opened (so doubtful if any gc can
have taken place). This apparent randomness gives me the 
hunch that it has something to do with buffers being 
allocated where they should not be, but maybe such a comment 
is unhelpful without any evidence.

Sometimes pressing the reset button works - sometimes I have
to toggle the on/off switch at the back.

Gavin Wraith (gavin at
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