User feedback requested (esp. RISC OS)

Chris Gransden chrisg at
Sun Sep 30 12:53:54 BST 2012

In article <52d6e2c396tlsa at>,
   Michael Drake <tlsa at> wrote:

> Hi,

> We have done quite a bit of development since we last issued test builds
> and we have also changed our autobuilding infrastructure completely. With
> these changes we are now building NetSurf builds with far more up-to-date
> versions of 3rd party libraries, and it is now quite trivial to keep them
> up-to-date.

> It would help us if people could test the new builds and let us know how
> you get on.


>               We have at least one case of NetSurf freezing a
>               RISC OS Iyonix such that it needs to be reset.

On a Pandaboard with RISC OS 5.19 using
it's possible to trigger a freeze every time by loading any web page and
pressing return several times in a !Nettle
( window.

I've been using the latest version of netsurf built with the autobulder
(revision 5854 and gcc 4.6.4) locally for some time. I haven't had any
lockups at all with this.



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