User feedback requested (esp. RISC OS)

Dave Higton dave at
Sat Sep 29 21:20:21 BST 2012

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          Michael Drake <tlsa at> wrote:

>We have done quite a bit of development since we last issued test builds
>and we have also changed our autobuilding infrastructure completely. With
>these changes we are now building NetSurf builds with far more up-to-date
>versions of 3rd party libraries, and it is now quite trivial to keep them
>It would help us if people could test the new builds and let us know how
>you get on.
>              We have at least one case of NetSurf freezing a
>              RISC OS Iyonix such that it needs to be reset.

I've seen the same three times now with 2012-09-28_19-54-37.  First
occurrence was during loading of this version for the first time;
other occurrences have been during browsing.  This Iyonix does not
normally freeze like that at all (mouse cursor froze, no response
to NumLock).

Iyonix, RO 5.18 (16-Jan-12), 512 MiB.


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