can't get to ROOL site

Jim Nagel netsurf at
Wed Sep 26 17:34:54 BST 2012

Jim Nagel was stymied by:
>>      Warning from Netsurf
>>      "error setting certificate verify locations:"
>> (Nothing after the colon)
>> What could the explification be?

Martin Bazley prescribed on 25 Sep:
> * Open Choices window
> * Click anywhere
> * Click 'Set'
> * Restart

> It's a longstanding known bug when using default (i.e. not loaded from
> file) choices.

Precise remedy.  Problem cured.  Thanks, Dr Martin!

> You haven't fiddled with your boot sequence recently, have you?

Not exactly "fiddled".  I haven't used this Iyonix for some while, so 
recently upgraded it to 5.18 and then freshly installed Netsurf 2.9 on 
it.  Have been using 2.9 on RiscPC for yonks -- which explains why it 
didn't show this baffling "certificate verify location" thing.

Perhaps the possible cure could be footnoted to the error message for 
future patients.

Jim Nagel              
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