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> On 25 Sep 2012  Dave Symes <dave at> wrote:

> > Oh dear, Fay is not a happy person at the moment, apparently QVC have
> > re-designed their front page, and as she uses NetSurf (r13571) to view
> > the stuff, suddenly she can't see menus and such like that a couple of
> > days ago she could.

> > I have to assume it's something to do with more javascript, but way
> > outside my paygrade so to speak.

> > Could someone with knowledge please have a quick look at...
> >

> > It's mainly the menus down the lefthand side.

> I don't have knowledge, but in so far as my knowledge goes, I've done 
> a bit of furkling. Here, the menus on the left show briefly on 
> loading, but are then overwritten by a blank pane. Looking at the 
> source, (F8) it seems to teem with JavaScript indeed; StrongED reports 
> "79 hits on 49 lines". I also looked on their FAQ page, on which is:

> <quote>

> To enjoy most of our content your browser must also be set to the 
> following options:

> JavaScript enabled
> ActiveX enabled (Internet Explorer only)
> Pop-ups allowed from

> <unquote>


> With best wishes,

> Peter.

At the moment I've got her to use the status bar... That is slowly scroll
the mouse pointer down where the menu should display, looking carefully at
the status bar on the bottom of the NS window, as the pointer scrolls
down, the links are shown and she can double click 'em.



Dave Triffid

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