Multiple call for Iconv

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Tue Sep 18 16:17:24 BST 2012

Having installed Reporter for another unrelated reason, I have noticed that
on every occasion a Netsurf window is opened, Netsurf calls for the Iconv
e.g. :

16:08:19.82 [Appl/NetSurf] RMEnsure Iconv 0.04 RMload System:Modules.Iconv
16:08:19.82 [Appl/NetSurf] RMEnsure Iconv 0.04 Error 16_10F iconv support
requires the Iconv module 0.04 or newer

I have a copy of Iconv :
==> Help on keyword Iconv
Module is: Iconv           0.11 (04 Jan 2011)

in System:Modules, so I don't understand why it is constantly being called
for - and a lot of times. The above is repeated 32 times each time a new
window is opened!


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