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Martin Bazley martin.bazley at
Tue Nov 6 13:33:37 GMT 2012

The following bytes were arranged on 5 Nov 2012 by Rob Kendrick :

> It should be noted that if we do manage to get a RISC OS build of
> NetSurf 3.0 with JavaScript support (at the moment we do not have the
> actual interpreter built for RISC OS, but do have its dependancies
> built), it will not work on sites that do dynamic layout changes.
> Basically, it will only be useful in the first instance for the type of
> JavaScripts that only look but don't touch the document, and for
> document.write()-type generation.

I have been wondering about that.  I saw the JavaScript work going into
the browser, but thought, "Surely they don't have a layout engine that
can cope yet?"  Most of the JS I've ever encountered is there for no
better purpose than producing flashy page transitions (a classic example
of style over substance, and the bane of the web), so presumably NetSurf
isn't much use at those yet.

I do hope it at least does something about the perennial curse of
"Warning: button could not be activated", though.  Presumably mostly for
the benefit of these people:

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