NetSurf running out of memory

John Rickman Iyonix rickman at
Sun Nov 4 21:16:02 GMT 2012

Brian Howlett  wrote

> On 3 Nov, John Rickman Iyonix  wrote:

> [snip]

>> Not so with the links I reported unfortunately. They still fail on
>> #571.
>> However the message has changed from "out of memory to "unknown".

>> eg
>> You can see this with the following minimal example. These two files
>> are apparently identical. One has soft spaces and loads, the other
>> hard spaces and gives the out of memory message.


>> Each file contain one line only :
>> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC >

> Both work OK in #574. RO 5.18, Iyonix.

feathers in caps all round for the NS team - thanks

John -

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