Serious? bug saving - always crashes on second save

Steve Fryatt lists at
Sun Mar 4 18:08:03 GMT 2012

On 4 Mar, Roger Darlington wrote in message
    <ef56486b52.rogerarm at>:

> No matter which Netsurf I try (and I have tried r13506 and r12638) Netsurf
> always crashes just as I try to save the second page.
> It saves the first OK.
> But always crashes when the 'save' box comes up for saving a second page.

Are you *absolutely* sure that you're running a recent version?  That sounds
very much like a bug that was fixed a while back, relating to setting up the
save path when the dialogue was opened.
> Maybe it makes a difference which site I am saving from?

Maybe.  Something else to try: save the first page to the root of your hard
disc (to keep the path short), then try to save a second page.  Does that
still crash?

Also, could you put this on the bug tracker with a zipped copy of the full
logfile?  Unless someone else looks into it, it will be a couple of weeks
before I have the time to do it and I'll forget otherwise.

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