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Paul Sprangers Paul at
Mon Jul 9 08:59:38 BST 2012

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   David J. Ruck <druck at> wrote:

> > Anyhow, bear in mind that the current version of TTF2f will freeze
> > the machine when used with very large fonts on RISC OS 5.16 and
> > beyond.

> It's an excessively long period of single tasking, as opposed to a
> freeze, which to me at least means it doesn't come back again.

No, it's a real freeze.
The same font on my VRPC is processed in minutes, while my considerably
faster Iyonix always freezes at the same point. According to other peoples
experience, I am certainly not the only one.

> I re-discovered this the other week when running up NetSurf after
> cleaning !Scrap as part of performing a backup. My fonts include ArialMS
> and Cyberbit, both of which take about 30 seconds to even display 1% 
> complete.

But that's about the compilation of NetSurfs glyphs collection, which is a
completely different matter. NetSurf needs quite some time indeed for
examining large unicode fonts, but as far as I remember (I stopped deleting
that cache for the same reason), it is multi-tasking and it certainly works
on all versions of RISC OS 5.xx until now.

Anyhow, TTF2f is an extremely valuable tool, but currently it fails when
used on an Iyonix with very large fonts.

Kind regards,
Paul Sprangers

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