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David J. Ruck druck at
Mon Jul 9 08:32:19 BST 2012

On 07/07/2012 11:51, Paul Sprangers wrote:
> Anyhow, bear in mind that the current version of TTF2f will freeze
> the machine when used with very large fonts on RISC OS 5.16 and
> beyond. A short e-mail exchange between John-Mark Bell and me, about
> one year ago, hasn't yet led to a solution.

It's an excessively long period of single tasking, as opposed to a
freeze, which to me at least means it doesn't come back again.

I re-discovered this the other week when running up NetSurf after
cleaning !Scrap as part of performing a backup. My fonts include ArialMS
and Cyberbit, both of which take about 30 seconds to even display 1% 
complete. I've now locked the cache file to avoid deleting it and having 
to undergo the long wait again - which is longer than I actually use the 
machine for in most months.

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