zero-width dropdown menu on Zamzar site

Jim Nagel netsurf at
Tue Jul 3 16:35:18 BST 2012

Somebody has pointed me to -- a free online service 
that converts files from one format to another.  (Based in England.)

Step 1 looks promising: drop your file on the target.  It seems to 
register the RiscOS file I dropped there (but can't say for sure, of 
course, till I get to Submit stage).

Step 2, however, fails.  It's a dropdown menu for selecting the output 
format you want.  Netsurf 2.9 displays the menu at just about zero 
width and nothing in it is visible.

Have reported this at bugtracker.  Maybe somebody with latest build 
could check whether already fixed.  (I have Netsurf 2.9 on RO 4.39.)

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