Scrolling windows using scroll bar...

Roger Darlington rogerarm at
Sat Feb 18 16:54:55 GMT 2012

Scrolling windows using the scroll bar seems to be slower than the 
versions of Netsurf 6 months prior to the present versions.

Moreover, the scroll speed varies from about 70% as fast at first, to 
about 30% as fast after a few seconds of scrolling. It seems that the 
scrolling mechanism used is now different, and doesn't stimulate the 
processor (when used an VA_RPC-adjust) enough to stop the Intel cores 
on a Win7 machine from slowing down.

The versions 6 months prior to this do stimulate the processor to work 
at maximum clock-rate when scrolling with the scroll bars.

Firstly, am I correct in thinking that the method of scrolling has 

And if so, how can the scrolling mechanism be altered to stimulate the 
processor core to always work at full revs rather than slow down after 
a while?

Scrolling a Netsurf window with the mouse wheel always stimulates the 
processor cores to work flat out, and never slow down, so is it 
possible to make the scroll-bar scrolling to work similarly?


If I was going there, I wouldn't start from here.

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