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Wed Feb 8 13:34:55 GMT 2012

On 18 Dec 2011, Steve Fryatt  wrote:
> On 3 Oct, Roger Darlington wrote in message
>     <02a8841c52.rogerarm at>:

>> I have downloaded the latest test build r12932, and find that it treats
>> frames in an entirely different way to what it test builds did less than 3
>> months ago.
>> Positioning the mouse pointer over any one frame and rotating the scroll
>> wheel used to scroll  only the frame that it was underneath it; now it
>> scrolls the whole caboodle, and reveals a previously unseen blank frame at
>> the bottom. (??)

> Some of these issues have now been sorted in the RISC OS front-end, as of
> r13292.

Indeed so Steve:-)

> Frames can be scrolled using the scrollbars and by dragging, as has always
> be the case.

Yes, it now works properly as before (VA-RPC SA RO4.39). (NS r13437)

When using the scroll bars to scroll, it is still noticeably slower 
than versions of Netsurf of 9? months previous, perhaps half as slow 
(or twice as jerky). Something has happened to the update speed.

Can this ever be restored to its former responsiveness, or is it some 
consequence of the way NS now operates?

> In addition, they can now be scrolled using the keyboard.    With
> frames, however, you'll see the effect described by
> Roger above: the whole site will simply scroll out of view and leave a blank
> work area in its place.

No, it will now scroll without ever showing a blank work area:-))
I notice, however, that it doesn't clear the keyboard buffer when you 
release the Arrow Keys, but continues scrolling for some short period 
depending upon stored keys in the keyboard buffer. But it is not a big 

Well done. Sterling work :-)


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