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> > According to my reading of Chris Terran's StrongHelp CSS manual,
> Best to use the spec.  You can also use a CSS validator.

    The properties that can be set, are (in order): "font-style
    font-variant font-weight font-size/line-height font-family"

    The font-size and font-family values are required. If one of the
    other values are missing, the default values will be inserted, if

How awkward; I don't normally want to fiddle around with the font
So what I want is "100%", presumably, to avoid altering it.

> >  <p style="font: bold oblique sans-serif">
> You must have the font-size then the font-familly after the other ones.
> You omit the font-size.
So, <p style="font: oblique bold 100% sans-serif"> should work...
and yes, it does.   :-)

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