HTTP auth and NetSurf

Ste (PlusNet) steve at
Wed Jun 29 18:43:42 BST 2011

Hi all,

When I go to view a page that's on an HTTPS site which also uses the Apache
auth stuff (meaning I need to enter a username and password) many sites
require me to log in multiple times with the same credentials just to view a
single page (e.g. one place I get no less than eight challenges for "Site
Authentication") presumably for fetching related objects (CSS, images, etc).

Why doesn't NetSurf remember the credential after the first time I enter it
and use that from then on? Is there any configuration option I've missed for
doing this? Other (non-RISC OS) browers seem to manage this - but that's not
particularly helpful when I'm using NetSurf :)



Steve @ PlusNet

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