r12493 and 2.7 Build and Usage Questions

Adam Lau alaupub at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 21 23:22:30 BST 2011

Are 'libnsgif' 'libparserutils' 'libwapcaplet' 'hubbub' 'libcss' depended upon during netsurf runtime? Are they statically linked during compilation? Or are they make dependencies only? I was able to remove 'libnsgif' 'libparserutils' 'libwapcaplet' 'hubbub' 'libcss' after building and installing 'netsurf' and everything (GIF/CSS/HTML) appeared to parse properly without issue.

How to hide Menu Bar? Disabling 'View > Toolbar > Menu Bar' does not persist through browser restarts. Is there a Choices file setting we can set to make this behaviour persistent?

Perhaps files such as 'adblock.css' 'SearchEngines' and 'toolbarIndices' can be placed in ~/.netsurf. Else advert and toolbar customizations require sudo, or another authorizing mechanism (e.g. modification of file permissions). Is there a way we can redirect their expected paths with the Choices file (e.g. adblock_path)?

Shouldn't Google from 'http://www.netsurf-browser.org/welcome/' resolve to the standard 'http://www.google.co.uk' as opposed to 'http://www.google.co.uk'? Perhaps this is a feature request best left to the feature request tracker...

Text selection from right to left does not appear to work. Hyperlink text selection does not work at all. Is this by design, or is there a workaround/patch for this?

How to remap keybindings to circumvent issues with WM keybindings? Is there an ovveride file?

How to key directly into the websearch field of the address/button bar?

Does 'max_cached_fetch_handles' refer to max persistent connections?

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