NetSurf for Mac OS X

Chris Young chris.young at
Tue Jun 21 19:10:27 BST 2011

> > > > > > > I have just tried NetSurf 2.7 for Mac and it downloads and
> > > > > > > unzips but won't run. The error message is  "Base style sheet
> > > > > > > failed to load". It then quits.

For info, the base stylesheet being refered to is
"resource:default.css".  I'm not sure where resource: searches on Mac
OS, but there should be a "res" or "resources" directory where you
installed NetSurf with that file in.  If it is in there and readable,
check it is filetyped to CSS with an associated MIME type of text/css.
 If NetSurf can't find the file, can't read it, or thinks it is
something other than text/css then it outputs the base stylesheet

I'm not au fait with how this all fits together on Mac OS or the Mac
OS version of NetSurf, and the source code in those parts may as well
be heiroglyhs :)  It does look like there is a bit of logging though,
so if you can run NetSurf with a -v switch then it will output a load
of text which will possibly point to where the problem lies.  Redirect
that to a file and post it somewhere and we'll have a look at it.

My hunch (and the most likely cause) is that the MIME type of
default.css is not being detected correctly.


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