Loading text files

John Williams JohnRW at ukgateway.net
Thu Jun 16 08:38:42 BST 2011

I use NetSurf quite often to print out simple text files.  I drag the file
to the iconbar icon, and the file is loaded and displayed in a mono-spaced
font (Corpus) which will print out quickly and effectively. The printing
width can be controlled by the window width.

This facility has been very useful for a quick printout!

The last version I have here which allows this is r12443, tho' I had a
hiatus in downloading until r12476.

This and later versions I have tried crash with:

        Fatal signal received: Segmentation fault

I am assuming this happens everywhere and to everyone reproducibly, so have
not sent off the log file.

RISC OS 5.16 on Iyonix.


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