Incorrect character display

Michael Drake tlsa at
Wed Jul 27 09:43:06 BST 2011

In article <1326f8f851.boase at>,
   Bernard Boase <b.boase at> wrote:

>      - (A) opening the HTML attachment, or
>      - (B) clicking on a URL in the Text portion of the email

> Since 25 May 2011 certain top-bit set characters no longer display 
> correctly via (A) while still displaying OK via (B).

When you visit the page on the web, the web server tells the browser what
charset to use.

When you load the page locally, there is no web server to provide this
info.  There isn't an explicit charset in the document, to tell us what to
use either.

Currently we don't 'sniff' the document to guess the correct charset.


Michael Drake (tlsa)        

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