Incorrect character display

cj chris at
Tue Jul 26 20:25:29 BST 2011

In article <1326f8f851.boase at>,
   Bernard Boase <b.boase at> wrote:
> The whole page looks pretty trad HTML with no use of CSS. So my
> question is how come Netsurf displays the two identical versions
> (A) and (B) differently? And indeed if I save out the correctly
> displayed (B) version and load the file back into Netsurf the
> problem reappears.

Are the versions identical? From the information you have given,
opening the html attachment loads the version on disc from the email,
whereas presumably clicking on the url in the text portion loads the
page from a remote site. Have you actually compared the two versions
to check they are identical? The remote site version may be
referencing something else which a locally saved page cannot (you are
doing a full save?).

	Chris Johnson

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