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Fri Jul 1 16:44:53 BST 2011

In article <f945feeb51.graham at>, Graham Pickles
<graham at> wrote:
> It does not operate satisfactorily in Netsurf (r12493 - 19 Jun 2011)
> being run on my RiscBook (Risc OS 4.02). The menus do not drop down.
> Both the XHTML and CSS validates on W3C. I would be interested to know
> the reason as I wish to develop this type of menu again and would like
> to develop work using Risc OS with Netsurf as my browser.

I too implemented (found on the net somewhere) a CSS menu structure which
doesn't work on NetSurf but seems to be okay in other browsers.
I chose CSS and eschewed Javascript in order to appease The God

But, and this is purely a guess based on the CSS Menu sheet I found
somewhere, but is it that NetSurf CSS doesn't implement what you need
yet: e.g., does it 'do' 'hover' yet or is it that 'content' isn't
implemented at all? In the progress documentation, 'Selectors' are
'Nearly done', 'content' is 'Not started'.

I think that if you have a look at the CSS of your menu's stylesheet
against the list here, you may see what functionality is missing and why.

I guess we will need to write a pop-out or drop-down menus in the bits of
CSS that NetSurf does understand but I suspect it isn't possible and it
needs the bits it doesn't do (yet).

Unless some kind soul could point us at a CSS file which successfully
implements dynamic CSS menus in NetSurf? (Though let's not go overboard à
là if you do.)

Tim Hill

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