HTML Drop-down menu on Netsurf

Graham Pickles graham at
Fri Jul 1 14:43:27 BST 2011

Not sure whether this is a request, a bug, or even what I am trying to 
do is illegitimate! I would welcome any comments from anyone in the
mailing list.

My website written in XHTML has
both a drop down menu along the top and a slide-out menu down the 
side. The drop down menu is implemented completely in HTML/CSS and 
works satisfactorily on IE & Firefox. It does not operate 
satisfactorily in Netsurf (r12493 - 19 Jun 2011) being run on my 
RiscBook (Risc OS 4.02). The menus do not drop down. Both the XHTML 
and CSS validates on W3C. I would be interested to know the reason as 
I wish to develop this type of menu again and would like to develop 
work using Risc OS with Netsurf as my browser.

The second (slide-out) menu requires javascript and I know that 
currently javascript is not available in Netsurf so it is therefore no 
surprise that this section doesn't work. Even if the javascript 'menu' 
and all references is removed from the webpage this does not allow the 
drop-down menu to work as anticipated (on Netsurf that is).


Graham Pickles     Whitby Museum

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