Global History oddity.

Tony Moore old_coaster at
Sun Oct 24 22:56:24 BST 2010

On 24 Oct 2010, Steve Fryatt <lists at> wrote:
> On 24 Oct, Tony Moore wrote in message
>     <c0be546b51.old_coaster at>:
> > Another couple of problems, in r10903:
> >
> >    The Toolbar buttons don't work in Hotlist, Global History or
> >    Cookies
> That's fixed (sort of) in r10906.  It was one of the many known bits
> of brokennes following the core treeview merge a few weeks ago.  There
> are lots of other bits of those windows that also don't work, if you
> go looking for them; I'm afraid that there's no prize if you find them
> all, though.

Thanks for the explanation.

> >    The displayed names of many links have been changed
> Could you give an example to explain what you're seeing?

In the following partial list, my edited link names are on the upper
line, and the new names, generated by NetSurf, are on the lower line.

   dpdiscuss messages
      dpdiscuss : Messages : 2764-2793 of 2793

   iburst account login
      iBurst Africa in Ghana: internet connection account balance

   coinmill dollar / cedi
      Chart for the United States Dollar and the Ghanaian Cedi: Rate Table

   exchange-rates pound / cedi
      Convert British Pounds (GBP) to Ghanaian Cedi (GHS) - Exchange Rates

I don't understand how NetSurf generates the new names because, since
installing r10903, I have not visited any of the links, and the data is
not present in the old Hotlist html file. eg the old Hotlist html for
the last item above is:

   <li><a href="">exchange-rates
   pound / cedi</a></li>

The link name generated by NetSurf appears to be the page title so,
given time, will NetSurf fetch the current page title for every link? If
so, it would seem that there is no point in editing the link name,
because NetSurf will change it back to the page title.


> As a related aside...
> I thought this had been said, but it's worth repeating: since r10865,
> the test builds have contained the core treeview code.  While the RISC
> OS front-end didn't break as catastrophically as it could have done,
> some things do still need work to restore all of their former
> functionality.
> It's not an exhaustive list, and it's not really end-user friendly, but
> has a list of the main things that are now broken.

Thank you for the link. I had not previously seen that page.

> Reports of bugs are still very useful (and if in doubt, it may be best
> to err on the side of presuming a bug).



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