Riscos Netsurf downloads

Trevor Johnson trevor.johnson at laposte.net
Sun Oct 24 21:03:16 BST 2010

> Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2010 17:24:11 +0100
> From: Kenpvr 
> Subject: Riscos Netsurf downloads
> To: netsurf-users at netsurf-browser.org
> I am new to riscos and Netsurf so this could just be ignorance on my part.
> I am trying to download makemodes.arc from the acorn site but netsurf 
> simply displays the whole file instead of giving me the download box 
> which it does do for a .zip file.
> Is this a riscos configuration thing or Netsurf.

For any non-NetSurf questions, head on down to the comp.sys.acorn newsgroups. You've probably also already found:

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